Shipping and delivery

1. The purchase contract

1.1. Offer of the goods
Offer of the goods means selected merchandise offered through catalog shopping website. Offer of goods is informative and the operator is not obliged to conclude a purchase contract about this product.

1.2 An order
1.2.1. An order could be created by the buyer using the form on the website online store. When you create an order, first the buyer select choice of goods which is interested. After selecting the desired quantity, mode of transport (see part. 2.4.1.) and the method of payment (see part. 2.5.1.) Buyer will confirm his order, to submit a obligatory proposal to purchase contract between the buyer and the seller.

1.2.2. Buyers sending orders declares that he has read these terms and conditions and fully agrees with them and that he was familiar with the fact that the order involves an obligation to pay the price of the chosen goods.

1.3 Closing of the contract
1.3.1. The operator assumes to adopt the draft contract of sale from the buyer if this proposal does not conflict with the terms and conditions and the operator does not have a specific reason to believe that the buyer breaks the purchase contract.

1.3.2. The contractual relationship between the operator and the buyer begins by delivery of the order receipt that the operator will send the purchaser to the electronic address specified by the buyer in the process of the creating of an order.

1.3.3. Costs acquired by the buyer while using the communication channels to close the contract (e.g. The cost of Internet connection or telephone communications costs) will be paid by the buyer himself.

1.4 Type of transport
1.4.1. Unless the purchase contract stated otherwise, the method of delivery is determined by the seller. If the mode of transport if the ordered goods is agreed at the request of the buyer, the buyer accepts the risk associated with such modes of transport, including any additional costs for the chosen mode of transport.

1.4.2. The shipment of goods, the seller accepts to inform the buyer’s electronic address specified by the buyer in the process of creating his order.

1.4.3. Sending the ordered goods is meant to send it to the address specified by the buyer in the process of creating his order. Operator reserves the right to add the cost of delivering the goods to the buyer the amount of the order according to the current price list of the carrier.

1.4.4. If required the buyer to send goods abroad, the operator reserves the right to add to the price of transport costs for shipping abroad, he notifies the buyer in advance.

1.5. Payment method
1.5.1. The operator offers a choice of the following payment methods: credit card over the internet, by bank transfer after booking, cash on delivery on receipt of goods from the carrier, TrustPay or credit card.

1.5.2. When choosing a card payment over the Internet will be the purchaser upon completion of an order directed at a third party payment server, which fills in the necessary payment information. After verification of the validity of the order will be confirmed and the amount of the purchase price will be deducted from the account of the buyer.

1.5.3. When choosing a bank transfer payment, the buyer will pay the price of the order before the shipment of the order to the bank account of the operator. For the execution of the order it is necessary to make a payment under the variable symbol, which is the order number and which the purchaser obtained at checkout. In the case of payment for the goods in the form of bank transfer is considered to be the purchase price paid on the day of crediting the relevant amounts to the account of the seller.

1.5.4. In the case of payment on delivery of receiving the goods from the carrier the operator reserves the right to add costs for cash on delivery to the amount of the order according to the current price list of the carrier.

1.5.5. The prices offered goods and services are inclusive of value added tax ( ‘VAT’), unless explicitly stated at cost, the price is exclusive of VAT.

1.6 The rights and obligations under the purchase contract
1.6.1. The operator is obliged to deliver the ordered goods to the buyer at the agreed price and the buyer is obliged to take over the goods and the purchase price including the cost of the chosen mode of transport of goods to pay.

1.6.2. In case of violation of the terms of the purchase contract or terms of trade from buyers, the operator reserves the right to withdraw from the contract. In such a case the buyer will be obliged to pay the operator all the costs associated with the order, especially after the cost of delivering the goods if the purchaser does not take over.

1.6.3. The buyer is obliged during the order of the goods give correct and true information. Data necessary for the purchase contract declared by the buyer are considered as correct by the seller.

1.6.4. The seller is not in relation with the purchaser by any special code of behavior.

1.6.5. All communications from the seller in any way associated with the order, respectively with the contract, the buyer would receive to the electronic address specified in the user account or shown to buyer in the order.

2. Shipping Times

2.1. Delivery date
2.1.1 The operator admits to send the goods to the buyer at the earliest possible date. The operator generally sends goods to the second day of conclusion of the contract so that the goods to be delivered within three working days. Delivery date is for information only and will be clarified by the operator in the order acceptance (acceptance).

2.1.2. The operator is not liable for damage caused by delay in transmission or delivery of goods for any reason.

2.3 Transport, delivery and receipt of goods
2.2.1. The buyer acquires title of the purchased goods by receiving the goods. By receiving the goods the buyer also takes the risk of damage to the goods.

2.2.2. In the delivery order is also included proof of purchase stating the date of purchase, product designation (name and quantity of the product), the purchase price (indicating the price of each product and the total price paid by the consumer) and information about the seller (company name and registered office of the seller) . The seller sends the buyer an invoice electronically.

2.2.3. When taking the goods from the carrier the buyer is obliged to check the possibility of damage of the packages and goods. When the buyer finds out any errors without delay he starts to deal those errors with the carrier and inform the seller. In the case of damage testifying of unauthorized invasion into delivery shipment or package, it is recommended to the buyer does not to receive the goods and with the carrier completes a record of the damaged item. By signing the delivery note buyer confirms that the shipment packaging, containing the product, was complete and undamaged.

2.2.4. Claims of mechanical damage to the goods of inadequate goods etc., which were not evident in receiving of the delivered goods from the carrier the buyer is obliged to apply immediately after his discovery. The operator is not liable for any damage to goods acquired during transport, if the buyer immediately has notified the damage, in accordance with paragraph. 3.2.3. and 3.2.4. in this terms of condition.

2.2.5. If it is on the part of the purchaser must deliver the goods repeatedly or in any other way than stated in the order, the buyer is liable for the costs associated with repeated delivery of goods, respectively costs associated with other way of delivery.